NDP to launch anti-HST campaign next week

The provincial New Democrats will be launching their campaign to win the harmonized sales tax referendum next week. The campaign's manager Neil Monckton made the announcement in an email distributed to party members. Those members have also been invited to attend a telephone town hall meeting tomorrow night with party leader Adrian Dix to discuss that effort. The following is a complete copy of the aforementioned email.

I spoke with BC NDP Leader Adrian Dix yesterday, and he wanted me to make certain that every New Democrat in BC was able to join us for an important telephone town-hall meeting this Sunday.

Next week, our party is launching a campaign to win the HST referendum.

We want British Columbians to Vote Yes to stop the unfair HST and its massive tax shift from large corporations to families and small businesses.

This town-hall is exclusively for New Democrats, to brief you on the campaign and get your feedback.

Adrian will be taking your questions live.

Be by your phone at 7pm this Sunday (8pm mountain time). Just answer to be connected.

I hope you'll join Adrian for the details on this important campaign.



------ Forwarded Message
From: Adrian Dix
Date: Thu, 2 Jun 2011 20:34:25 -0700
To: Neil Monckton
Subject: Please Invite All New Democrats

Neil -

I'm really looking forward to this town hall on Sunday, but we need to make sure every New Democrat in BC joins in.

Please help get the word out.

If New Democrats and British Columbians work together, we can win this campaign.

See you Sunday.



Thank you for this intel Sean. I'm sure BCLib forces around the world are very happy to know the BCNDP will always find a way to oppose but rarely find a way to propose.

What are you talking about? Those people who signed the anti HST petition all wanted a return to what we had before. If then the PST and GST need some tweaking then let the discussion take place. That is the propose portion as any intelligent person can see.

Even now when I see the HST ads, which my tax dollars are paying for, there is the hollow headed stick man and the newspaper headline "government listens, changes HST" which makes it a blatant partisan political ad - just another obscene abuse of tax dollars to sell the HST.

Hal, great comment. Seriously.

Looks like I was kinda offside. Kamloops Daily News:

"But Dix also said if B.C. Liberal leader Christy Clark calls a fall election, he will lay out any tax changes as part of the campaign.

“What I’ll be doing and saying is what I’ll do (as premier) and how I’ll pay for it.”

If B.C. residents vote to keep the HST in the mail-in ballot, Dix said he will honour that wish and won’t move to go back to the old tax if he becomes premier."

Interesting. Oh and the new HST ads? Well they're now kinda biased post-reforms if I may say so - at least the ones on CKNW.

HST must be at a Rate of 9% or Im Voting NO and carbon tax and translink tax must be removed gasoline. No one has mentioned this, but those that signed the hst agreement with ottawa other than Campbell must be punished government exec or employee and politician. The 9% must effective immediately if the vote is no, and the 3% must taken out of Cabinet ministers and mla's to make up the short fall to Ottawa. It was your stupid mistake!

It is not hard to determine how much revenue the province received from the old system and where it came from. Talking about 9% or 8% or whatever doesn't help. If it includes a tax shift from one sector to another by removing the GST and if it includes taxation on items that were not taxed before, it will not help. Most of what we are seeing is the Liberals just trying to "save face" and keep the extra revenue coming in as as long as possible so when they call an election they can claim how they "single handed wrestled the deficit to the ground" or at least reduced it. Whether the public allows them this cop-out is to be determined by the referendum. It is a big gamble because if the HST vote is yes, the liberals will be tarred for a long time with fiscal mismanagement.

I think the ad campaign is as much to keep the media on side as it is to convince us that we should endorse their failure to be honest last election.

The so called educational campaign was supposed to give both side of the story. Falcon decided there was nothing good about the No HST side so is blowing 5 million on a PR campaign. Same government won't follow Wally Oppel's request for funding for the group best informed about the killings in and around the Pig Farm. Open accountable, not on your life.

Darn right, I'll be voting yes to get rid of the HST and unlike JosefK I get to vote.

I realize I'm not going to convince at least 75% of the commentariat at Public Eye Online to support the HST. But I even have admitted the HST ads - at least on CKNW & C-FAX - are kinda biased. Being I don't get a vote per se on the HST, I really don't want to promote the tax. Other BCLib fans need to please step up on the HST.

But being that the BCNDP have no alternative budget... any HST or GST + PST reforms await the likely fall election... the HST just might be the least worst of the all the options.

Joe K/Polakite/Christy fan....I have a gift for you...

Your hero Alise Mills was on Sean Leslie show today, she was on 4.30 pm....They only took 1 phone call, me, and boy oh boy did I put Alise in her place!...


cue up June4th/...4.00pm...Fast forward to 4.30....I crush your hero at about..4.52 pm.


Yes "hiding in Canada" I caught that as well. Listening to those two gushing over Christy's dismal performance and talking about the Official Opposition not up to the task was enough to make you gag. Two gushing liberals at the same time is too much.

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