Dix calls for cancellation of "information campaign"

Yesterday, we exclusively reported the province's $5 million harmonized sales tax "information campaign" won't include any advertisements promoting the positives of returning to a provincial sales tax, even though it now features a commercial touting the HST's benefits. The reason for that omission: in an interview Finance Minister Kevin Falcon - who earlier promised not to run a "persuasion campaign" - said "there isn't any positives of moving back." As a result, New Democrat leader Adrian Dix is calling for those ads to pulled to "ensure that that money goes where it belongs: to B.C. classrooms, to B.C. hospitals, to people with developmental disabilities," raising the issue in question period today.


I heard the squealing. I wish I heard "GO BRUINS!!" as well from this character.

Perhaps the BCNDP can make the case for moving back. Ooops, they're too busy dealing with an Information & Privacy Commissioner Investigation for demanding & obtaining passwords from leadership candidates!!!

Josef K, that is really a juvenile comment and nothing to do with the item.

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