Canucks support their favourite political team

British Columbia's new first minister has benefitted enormously from Vancouver Canucks playoff fever. Back in April, she made the front page of The Province under the headline "Jersey Girl; B.C. Premier Christy Clark puts on a Canucks jersey while confidently predicting a Stanley Cup for Vancouver." Since then, Ms. Clark has gotten media coverage for raising the team flag above the legislature and making a friendly Stanley Cup wager with Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick. And she always has time to take questions about the playoffs, as the premier did yesterday while leaving caucus. But, over the years, the Canucks have helped the province's governing party in more direct ways. According to Elections British Columbia filings, the team, its present owner Francesco Acquilini and his companies have contributed $618,705 to the BC Liberal Party and its candidates between 2005 and 2010. Of that amount, $25,000 was donated directly to Ms. Clark's leadership campaign. The following is a complete list of those contributions.


No wonder the BCNDP won't wear Canucks jerseys!!!!!!!!!!!


Sean, you'll have to forgive me my friend but I am just over the moon at this. The support of the Canucks for the BCLibs is great, welcome news!!

So the government is used to promote the interests of a party contributor. That's OK?

No Hal. It's great the BCLibs are the Canucks' sister political team!!! I dream of Alise Mills, Christy Clark and Mary Polak playing for the Canucks in return... a man can dream of gender equity & pay equity, can he not in the 21st century?

I see you can't respond to anything directly. Using government offices to promote a party supporter's interest borders on, if not is directly a conflict of interest. Bill Van der Zalm got in trouble for less. But I get it Josef K, different rules for different folks.

Oh come on Hal... these are people who love their sports team please... you ever hear of The Green Men? I know people would be upset if our Premier didn't bless our Canucks team by wearing the jersey...

Well...Joe K/Polakite/Christy fan and Sean Holman..

Aquillini is the owner, a $billionaire team owner, I don`t see any donations from Canuck players..

The story and title is misleading.

Breaking news.....A corporate $billionaire gives money to a corporate party, WOW...Crusty cluck cluck Clark could care less about "people".

P.S....Hal....Why on earth would you even attempt dialogue with Joe Drool?

hiding in canada;

Actually several Canuck players did support Kevin Falcon in the BCLib leadership. And the name calling of me and more importantly our Premier of the Northwest are just as disgusting and irreputable as that page who had to steal the show.


hiding in canada,

I find making fun of people's names really low - especially now that a major NDPer has a name perfect for puns. I don't mind being turned into a pinyata, but it's Premier Christy Clark, MLA thank you. Please respect our Premier. I'm sure bc mary loves that kind of talk but please respect Professor Holman of UVic please.

Furthermore, there are Canucks players who have came out to BCLib Leadership Events and BCLib events in general. I guess they don't really care for BCNDP derisive rhetoric towards 2010 Games for starters...

Thank you.

I thought Sean's opening line set the message pretty well. "British Columbia's new first minister has benefited enormously from Vancouver Canucks playoff fever." He then showed how much money the liberal party received from the owners so the conclusions are staring you in the face. So when you use your position to further the goals of making money for a party donor all kinds of comments are fair game. Politicians are suppose to know better and are to avoid even the appearance of a conflict.

Keep associating the BC Libs with the Canucks and I will cheer for Boston. The last thing that influences my preferences is a bunch of pampered overpaid athletes and their owners. If the Canucks win or lose, the sun will still rise the next day and life and its struggles will continue for all the rest.

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