HST "information" ads won't promote PST positives

On May 12, Finance Minister Kevin Falcon told reporters the government's $5 new million harmonized sales tax advertising campaign would be an "information campaign" not a "persuasion campaign." A few weeks later, the government rolled out a commercial stating the "HST reduces bureaucracy and small business costs." But, in an interview with Public Eye today, Mr. Falcon said the government isn't going to be running any commercials promoting the positives of returning to a provincial sales tax because there aren't any. So doesn't that mean the government is running a persuasion campaign? In response, the finance minister told us other ads will point out "some prices are going up too. We're not pretending in those ads that everything comes down. I think those ads are informative. And I would argue I think they're balanced." Specifically, Mr. Falcon referenced an ad that will show how a candy bar is pricier under the harmonized sales tax while baby diapers are cheaper.


In his and his bosses minds, this is an information campaign, when we all know it's "Save the HST" and it isn't going to work. another 5 million and counting going down the drain

Falcon's "double speak" is just another example of why British Columbians cannot trust BC Liberals on the HST or anything else.

Avoter, I couldn't have said it better myself.

I expect Deputy Premier Kevin Bieksa... oops, Deputy Premier Kevin Falcon to play a clean, hard game. I don't really care for the YouTube thumbnail of Falcon w/ eyes closed. Falcon's got his head in the bias so much that he can't see the positives of the PST+GST system, because he's a fiscal conservative.

Falcon is not a fiscal conservative. His mission is creating profit for corporations, & creating wealth for millionaires & billionaires.

Aaaaah, Linda Long I don't care for that kind of filthy rhetoric. Deputy Premier Falcon is not a corporate lackey, he is a principled man - I've read Falcon's bios. Like the BCBusiness one for instance. You can be principled - and hold principles I despise in my book.

The filthy rhetoric you speak of is the man's ideology or principles.

"information campaign" not a "persuasion campaign." Say what? Advocate is right about the new doublespeak. What is the difference?

What in heaven's name is "fithy" about Linda's comment, let alone rhetoric?

You know what I find filthy? Attacking a family man's character. A man who could make millions as a developer in Alberta came home to save his homeland. That is what real tough guys & gals do - they make sacrifices for the community. He's not greedy and to hear this kind of crap makes me mad.

Oh and Falcon's mission? It's to support the free market system - and stop BCNDP socialism. Guys?!? You want a crooked, greedly politician?!? Go to Ottawa, they're over there. In spades.

Oh and you never attack a person's character when they happen to be of a different political stripe. Look at the earlier post where you refer to "this character". Maybe if your liberals can't take the heat, they should get out of the kitchen!

Sorry Hal but said comment wasn't an attack on Mr. Dix but the BCNDP.

I know terms like "this character" really refer to the BC NDP Give us a break. Falcon is only getting back a small amount of what he so liberally dishes out and we should be gentle because "He's a family man"? You reap what you sow even in politics. He has not received half of what he deserves.

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