Coleman checking up on MLA election readiness

In his role as the provincial Liberals' election readiness co-chair, Rich Coleman has been speaking with caucus members about the election readiness of their constituency associations. During those conversations, Public Eye has learned Mr. Coleman is also inquiring as to whether MLAs will be seeking another term in office. But that this isn't necessarily an indication there will be an early election.


I would suggest the Mr Rich Coleman consider not running himself, he did a very poor job on the BCLC file and still has not been addressed. And this Ida Chong in few days has proben she is not fit for this file or community either!

It's an indication if ever. I will keep my opinions on who should retire to me... for now. But I do predict the Honourable Alise Mills at a price only she oculd command... like Assistant Deputy Premier or Chief of Staff. The cost of keeping the Excalibur/Ryan Kessler of the BCLibs OUT of the House versus some of these guys who either have depreciated from superstar to lackluster or just quite frankly are boring holes in very expensive seats is too high. Oh and one guy? He had his chance...

Of course I'd like Sean Holman, MLA but I doubt that'll happen. The people of BC need him taking names, kicking butt from the press box - which is what he does for Team Liberty every day.

Sadly, Coleman who must be about as useless as Kevin Krueger get elected if ridings so far away from reality that such clowns get re-elected. Coleman screwed up a TFL which gave the company lots of money and we the taxpayers got nothing

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