Liberals get fundraising help from forestry executive

The head of one of British Columbia's major forestry companies is playing a significant role in the provincial Liberals' fundraising efforts. Duncan Davies, the president and chief executive officer of International Forest Products Ltd., has been named the party's fundraising chair. His appointment comes at critical time for the Liberals, as Premier Christy Clark contemplates the possibility of a fall election amidst talk of donor fatigue. Mr. Davies - a former investment banker - been Interfor's chief executive officer since 2000. His company has contributed $428,570.00 to the Liberals between 2005 and 2010. Mr. Davies didn't respond to repeated requests for comment placed by Public Eye last month.


Gosh, what a surprise. And they only contributed 428 thousand

Yes...its ok for the right wing fanatics to receive money from their pals but God help the NDP for getting money from their friends and allies. What a joke.

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