What does Christy Clark do now?

"What do we do now?" That was the question Robert Redford's character posed at the end of the 1972 movie The Candidate after having won a seat in the United States Senate. It was meant as a commentary on how the process of winning public office can often become divorced from the purpose of winning and holding public office. And I can't help but wonder if the same question is being asked in our premier's office.

After all, Christy Clark is a formidable campaigner, having spent most of her adult life in pursuit of one electoral victory or another. But now that she has won the highest public office in the province, what does she do now?

Certainly, Ms. Clark has had numerous opportunities to find her own answer to that question, having spent nine years as a MLA and another four as a radio talk show host. But so far, she hasn't divulged that answer to British Columbians - other than to tell us she wants to put families first.

To be sure, it's still early days in her administration. Nevertheless, if she had a more fulsome answer wouldn't it have come out by now?

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we might get an inkling starting tomorrow after she gets sworn in and can enter the Legislature.The questions should be interesting and she can no longer hit the cut off button if the questioner doesn't agree with her latest line. ie HST position changed four or five times since she started running to be the BC Liberal leader. BC Rail, maybe? Breaking contracts with the teachers,might be another . I'll now wait till JosefK springs to support her.

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