NDP gender imbalance won't be righted until December

Right now, the provincial New Democrats' top three officials are men - something some have stated is a no-no under the party's constitution. But, in an exclusive interview, one of those officials has said that rule was misinterpreted and he won't be stepping down. The constitution states "both genders" must be represented in the positions of leader, president and treasurer. That wasn't a problem when Carole James was leading the party, with Moe Sihota and Bob Smits having been elected to do the two others jobs at the NDP's November 2009 biennial convention. But in January pundit and former NDP MLA David Schreck predicted it would become a problem if the leader was replaced by a man.

Speaking with the Canadian Press following the infighting that resulted in Ms. James's downfall, Mr. Schreck said the rule would mean "in practical sense" either Messrs. Sihota or Smits would have to make way for a woman.

Nevertheless, a month after Adrian Dix was elected Ms. James's successor, both men are still in the same jobs. And speaking with Public Eye, Mr. Smits said he doesn't think that will change.

The treasurer stressed he thinks the gender representation rule is a "good thing." But he said it was only intended to take affect during and not between party elections.

In addition, "there's nothing in the constitution that talks about removing someone from office once that gender balance doesn't exist - because somebody has resigned or quit or died or whatever."

"So my position is that I was properly elected to serve out my term and I expect Moe to do same," Mr. Smits continued, adding, "I've told the executive that and pretty much everybody seems to accept that position."

Smits said he and Sihota's terms in office will expire at the party's next biennial convention, which has been scheduled for December.


I fully expect an election between now and then... and a lot FEWER BCNDP MLAs for Adrian Dix to applaud him. Perhaps one of those fired can be the party treasurer... I assume they will need a crash course in budgeting and collecting revenue from dead people. Oh and the party President will have to learn how to filibuster on C-FAX Power Politics so the Next Great BCLib Pundit doesn't unleash her or his inner Alise Mills.

What a disaster the BCNDP is... it's time to make fun of them. A lot.

LOL. You can try to MAKE fun of the NDP, Josef, but watching Falcon,Christy and the Libs falling all over each other trying make the HST pallitable to BCer is the laugher of the week.Do you have Comedy Central in Washington State.Just askin.

Oh douge politics is funny, I agree. I don't know what's better the Hon Kevin Falcon MLA on attack or "The Dix" saying "rubles" again and again - thank goodness that is on YouTube to help frame the HST debate.

Furthermore, when Sean Leslie at the end of that clip says he's not getting news out of Question Period while Alise Mills piles on for the BCLib team... I think the BCNDP is a disaster. They're supposed to be the government-in-waiting, not 3 or 4 steps behind the BCLibs and unable to make news as anything more than whiners who sound like socialist Soviets. The BCNDP campaign on a 12% PST + GST with special interest exemptions versus a low almost flat 10% HST rate down the line, now who's falling over each other trying to raise taxes?

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