Gov't fails on ethics but gets a pass from voters?

Seventy percent - that's how many British Columbians disapprove of the job the province has been doing on ethics and accountability issues, according to a recent poll conducted by Ipsos-Reid Corp. I think that's a troubling number. But how much does it trouble Christy Clark? Is it keeping the premier and her advisors up at nights, worrying that it will cost them the next provincial election?

Well, that's depends on how much ethics and accountability issues trouble you. After all, during the recent federal election, many of you voted for the Conservatives - giving them a majority government even though the party and its leader had been accused of being secretive and undemocratic.

Which means Ms. Clark might not having anything to worry about when she goes to the polls. And that, perhaps, is what's really troubling.


I am surprised that it was only 70% who find the Bc Liberals ethically challenged. Unfortunately many BC voters see their choice as between the BC Liberals with their arrogance and corruption and the NDP who are seen as a serious threat to the BC economy and individual freedom. Enter the BC Conservatives as a third choice. It will be interesting to see what happens.

I agree with Advocate. As long as the BCNDP think they can score from their own ice instead of centre ice or take over some BCLib votes on issues like say EIBI or Freedom of Information, it's easy cruising. The fact there's YouTubes blasting them like this one really makes the job of the BCLib fan or pundit or MLA very easy.

Hopefully people agree with Advocate that the NDP "are seen as a serious threat to the BC economy and individual freedom" and vote appropriately. Thanks.

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