Campbell honoured at Liberal convention after all

There appears to have been some confusion within the provincial Liberals as to whether former premier Gordon Campbell would be honoured at their recent biennial convention in Penticton. Earlier, we noted no such tribute was included in the schedule for that convention. Despite the omission, then president Mickey Patryluk insisted Mr. Campbell would be feted. But, 15 days later, government house leader Rich Coleman told reporters there would be no opportunity to thank the former premier, with Mr. Campbell being unable to attend the event. Nevertheless, according to an email sent yesterday by party president Sharon White, Liberals did pay "special tribute to our former Premier Gordon Campbell" at that gathering.


A speech was given. I'm sure this is awkward for the BCLibs considering how so many forget the total mess given the Campbell Administration (start here with, "Disastrous NDP governments 1991-2001"), but yeah Premier Christy Clark, MLA needs to name something after the guy. Since warships are out and naming a ferry after a Premier isn't arms length ops from BC Ferries, how about renaming the Canada Line or a bridge after him? Perhaps the new Port Mann bridge?

It is time to stop blaming the NDP for the disasters the BC Liberals are bringing to this province. If they attack the BC Liberals, they are attacked for attacking the Libs. If they aren't aggressive enough, a very subjective opinion; the NDP are attacked for being to meek. I have heard several reports and interviews where the NDP pointed out the flaws in the omitted issues the Libs have since brought forward. I attended NDP rallies during the election campaign where the NDP slammed the liberal performance. None of that was reported, in fact the MSM did not even attend these political events. Nor did a lot of you. The public did not hear what the NDP was saying due to this boycott. And most of you missed it as well. These policies, HST, IPP's, cutbacks to health and education etc. were not discussed during the campaign by the Liberals, but the NDP did raise them. Blame the liberals for their own short comings.
Sometime ago on the news, the broadcasters commented that Campbell was lower in the polls than any other premier in the country. Campbell was shown starting a bike race. Then they mentioned Carole James and said she was low in the polls, but still higher in than Campbell. But as they showed her talking with some other people, they did not ask her what she thought about any issue. They make sure no policy viewpoint gets out. If you want to know, you must go to their web-site as the MSM will not tell you what their position is or they ignore it. Remember what happened in a previous election. Carole James took some reporters up in an airplane to look at the damage the Run of the River projects were doing to the environment. They wouldn't look out the window to see the damage because it was too windy. Did they investigate this issue any further? No! All they did was attack James and they did not investigate and report on this issue. That is the problem!
In the 90's, the NDP had some problems but they overcame them. They left office with more than a billion dollars in surplus. Since then the BC Liberals have run this province into the ground and we have record deficits. Even Campbell's attempt at green-washing with the carbon tax is a failure. It is just a tax grab, it does nothing to help the environment. After instituting this tax, the BC Liberals gave tax breaks to the companies getting gas in BC by hydro-fracking. This is the dirtiest way to get fuel next to the tar sands and they get tax breaks. The BC Liberals have got to go. Josef should make an attempt to do some research and try to be objective.

Oh come now Josef,a landfill or a casino would be more apt.In a province where we have to spend 600 million on a roof for a bunch of over paid sports figures to display their ego's, and have to go to charity to help build a new childrens hospital. Forget it, all this man deseves is the middle finger on his way out the door.

A casino would be appropriate, but it looks like the new casino next to BC Place won't happen. So how about naming the 600 million dollar new roof on BC Place after him.

JosefK's use of BNET or the business network as an "objective" source commenting on the 90's is more than a bit suspect. The statistics in the comparison with the ten years after just don't support the claim he makes.

I did research thank you. I would read this cover-to-cover if I were you. Let's remember the BCNDP have no plan, no ideas - and hey, I listen to them in Question Period. I read their stuff and some of their blogsites.

Perhaps this is the most telling part of the nonpartisan paper:

Perhaps the single largest factor in the poor performance of the B.C. economy over the last decade was the actions taken by NDP governments under four successive premiers: first Mike Harcourt (from 1991 to 1995), Glen Clark (1995 to 1999), Dan Miller (1999 to 2000) and finally Ujjal Dosanjh (2000 until the general election of 2001). They governed as if hellbent on seeing how far they could pressure the private sector before growth was entirely choked off. The Minister of Forestry in the Harcourt government, in the heat of debate at the Premier's Summit on the Economy in 1992, said openly that the first objective of government was a redistribution of income; only when that goal was met to the government's satisfaction would they worry about generating income.

In one action after another, the NDP government sent strong signals that investment in B.C. carried substantial risks. The first NDP budget raised taxes by more than any other in the province's history. Among the growth-killing actions was imposition of a capital tax. The Minister of Finance - later Premier - Glen Clark characterized the tax as a step towards lessening the tax burden on workers. There was no recognition of the adverse impact it would have upon investment.

Oh and the reason why Carole James' crying over run-of-the-river was a bust was not because of "wind" over an enclosed airplane, but because a) the BCNDP approved some of the projets and b) the projects didn't have that much of impact on the environment. BTW, I have done aerial photography in real life so be careful there, okay?

That said folks Premier Christy Clark, MLA is ahead in the polls... Best Premier - Clark: 47% Dix: 25% Best Party - Lib: 41% NDP: 39% Con: 10% Green: 8% This is good. The Dark Ages are over.

Why worry? We're winning and we'll get a lotta of those Cons back! Oh and who defined Adrian Dix to slay the dark ages? Try Alise Mills of the Alise Force!

He wants a high paying position with no work attached. And of course get declared as a saint.

Hal, if you read the business report, you'd also see some rather honest & thoughtful criticiams of the BCLibs as well. It's a great source to knock back the BCNDP under Dix, that's for sure.

Oh and Avoter I'm no saint and I'd like to fly for a living. But it's nice to see the BCNDPers back to comment. Apparently I'm just too awesome not to mix it up with as the Sully of the Alise Force.

Another study:
"Of the 52 years the NDP has formed governments in Canada since 1980, they’ve run balanced budgets for exactly half of those years and deficits the other half. This is a better record than both the Conservatives (balanced budgets 37% of years in government) and the Liberals (only 27%), as well as both Social Credit and PQ governments.
It’s not just the number of years of balance that is relevant: it’s also the size of the deficits or surpluses that are important. For this, the most important figure is the size of deficits as a share of GDP.
For this measure as well, NDP governments have the best record. The average balance (deficit) as a share of provincial GDP for the 52 years of NDP governments in Canada is -0.77%, compared to -1.82% for all Liberal governments and -0.82% for all Conservative governments over the past thirty years"
Go figure

GuyinVic, aaaah you didn't mention the BCNDP. You mentioned NDP at a national level. Gee, I guess the stats suited you. Typical BCNDP.

Yes, folks like the BNET crowd will criticize the liberals as well but when they do it is always like getting a flogging with a feather boa. When the criticize the NDP it is with both barrels. I really do think that copying and pasting excerpts of a completely biased website, claiming it is unbiased and factual is an case of mental gymnastics but hardly proof of anything. Saying it more often JosefK also does not give it more validity. Typical BCLib.

Good God, would you people listen to yourselves? I'm tired, really tired, of all this tit for tat back and forth arguing over stuff that happened 10-20 years ago. What both sides seem to conveniently ignore is that the actions of the government are only a (small?) part of the equation, e.g. to the extent that they decide how much to spend and what to spend it on. I would suggest that global economic conditions have and have had a much larger effect on how well the province does and consequently the fiscal record of the government.

I'm also frustrated, really frustrated with the polarization that exists. Surely we can find a better balance to create policies that support economic activity, generate income for the people who live here and revenues for the government that can be used to support the less fortunate in society and the services people require, can't we?

Reid, I hear ya. But the BCNDP want to attack sources & be socialist instead of be accountable & change their policies to today's realities.

Hal, you don't dispute the facts but the source because you have scorn for business which are the job creators. This wasn't cooked up in some BCLib YouTube lab, but fair analysis by an unbiased source. Typical BCNDP.

re:JosefK "aaaah you didn't mention the BCNDP. You mentioned NDP at a national level" First of all anyone with a bit of knowledge realizes the NDP have never formed government at a national level. The statistics you read are for Provincial & Federal Parties, thus proving the NDP is a better financial manager in BC (& elsewhere). These statistics are from Stats Can if you wish to research yourself.

Yup 5 posts by JosefK slamming the NDP and he hears you Reid. The rest of us wel,l we don't get a response option. Nice.

Hal, it's me versus all the BCNDP commentators. Just one lonely dude against the socialist hordes. Frightening that the left gets all these people jazzed up but the BCLibs somehow win election after election. But some guy called up CKNW today and really slammed the BCNDP for their 1984-esque social media policy while applauding Premier Christy Clark, MLA...

GuyinVic I obviously meant overall like NDP governments in Manitoba, Ontario and Sasketchewan & the Atlantic Provinces as well where things are more, er, moderate. Also you have by default acknowledged as true the David Bond report.

Oh yes that guy who called CKNW must be an authority like you. You have not been able to rebut a single issue raised by astro in the second post. But here you are again with a guy who called CKNW. What can I say?

Hal I didn't cite that YouTube as authority the way I did the BNET nonpartisan report. I did reply to astro before, see points above. After all, the BCNDP official website is devoid of policy, hence lack of coverage.

But JosefK, log onto the BC LIb. website. What policy do you find there? A bunch of general statements about what they believe - and then ignore when they can - are not policy. As for your rebuttals, they are never supported by evidence or facts. As I said before just a lot of repeating spin does not contradict the facts.

Hal, that's policy. It's a good start. Oh and BTW, I try to use linkspeak to continue the debate when I can. Be careful saying "never"... be very careful, just check this thread out.

Thanks Hal in advance. Enjoy today.

If that is your definition of policy it is like reading the predictions of Nostradamus. What they believe has little relationship with what they do or what actually happens. It is rather comical.

trying to discuss anything with Josef K is a waste of time and energy. He sort of reminds me of a Scotty dog we used to have. No matter what he was told , he always wanted the last woof.

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