Pro-HST side's ad firm has past referendum experience

Earlier, we reported Financial Dynamics Ltd. had done the creative for the Smart Tax Alliance's recent pro-harmonized sales tax advertising. That advertising is part of the alliance's effort win the upcoming vote on whether British Columbia should scrap that tax. But this isn't the first referendum Financial Dynamics has been part of. The company also did the advertising for British Columbians for BC STV, which unsuccessfully fought in favour of electoral reform back in 2009.


One would hope they do better this time...

One would hope since this time they don't have a radio star going into Zone 5 Afterburner for YouTube posterity they stand a shot...

One would hope that people are going to listen to facts and not the Zalm-Tieleman screamers...

To succeed, the pro-HST people will need some new faces and voices on the front of their campaign, not the usual bunch of liars and special business friends of the BC Liberals that conspired to deceive voters in the first place. A modified HST might be the best tax for the province but if those leading the support for it are not credible, the campaign will fail.

It is quite simple. Go back to the beginning. If you want to harmonize then bring it to the legislature and have it debated. Table a bill with the rate of taxation and the items to be taxed. Then maybe it will fly. Right now none of the pro HST are going to be trusted because the object of their support was based on deceit. It always comes back to that initial mistrust. Advocate is right on the mark. The government's spending of our money to tell us that we really are not being screwed that much doesn't help. When you need a media promotion or sales jobs to sell something people are cynical. It is like listening to a used car salesman telling you the clunker was driven by a little old lady and only to church on Sunday.

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