Brown departure triggered health ministry shakeup

The province's health minister is looking for a new senior bureaucrat to run its health sector information management/information technology division. Elaine McKnight was shuffled out of that job last month after being named head of the ministry's planning and innovation division. Ms. McKnight's shuffling was part of larger reorganization that was triggered when chief administrative officer Stephen Brown was appointed deputy minister of children and family development. That reorganization saw former federal Liberal candidate John Bethel, a member of Christy Clark's transition team and swearing-in ceremony invitee, replace Mr. Brown. The following is a complete copy of the email, which also notes the retirement of population and public health assistant deputy minister Andrew Hazlewood.

From: Whitmarsh, Graham HLTH:EX
Sent: Friday, April 15, 2011
Subject: Announcement from the Deputy Minister

Dear Ministry of Health Staff,

Subsequent to the recent organizational realignments under the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), I am pleased to announce the following changes which will address current or impending vacancies in our Ministry executive.

Elaine McKnight, currently the ADM of Heath Sector IM/IT, will become the ADM of the Planning and Innovation Division, and will take with her the E-Health initiative until the ADM of the Health Sector IM/IT Division position is filled permanently and the E-Health project has reached some of the near term implementation milestones. Elaine has made an outstanding contribution in guiding E-Health and IM/IT in the ministry over the last 4 years and is well suited to bringing her expertise to leading our innovation agenda.

Concurrently to balance out the COO's responsibilities, Nikki Sieben, Executive Project Director and Christine Massey, Executive Director of Legislative and Professional Regulation will now report directly to Michael MacDougall.

Subject to the OIC approval, these changes will take effect on May 2nd, when Elaine returns from some well earned vacation.

I am also pleased to announce that as Elaine moves to her new responsibilities, Carolyn Bell will assume the role of Acting ADM of the Health Sector IM/IT Division, reporting to John Bethel. In addition, effective immediately, the Health and Seniors Information Line staff will have a new reporting relationship to Bob Bell, the Executive Lead of HealthLinkBC, who will now also report directly to John Bethel.

These changes are reflected in the attached organization chart. The ADM of the Health Sector IM/IT Division position will be posted next week along with the ADM of Population and Public Health because, as you may be aware, our current ADM of Population and Public Health, Andrew Hazlewood, will be retiring in May.

I appreciate your continued support and commitment to the work underway as we move through these changes. Please feel free to raise any questions or concerns you have with your supervisor or any of the executive team.

Graham Whitmarsh
Deputy Minister of Health

Health ministry organization chart

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