Clark repeats past mistakes during by-election

Last week, Christy Clark told reporters she sits down and thinks about the ten things she could have done differently after every political campaign. But Ms. Clark must not have thought too hard after winning the provincial Liberal leadership because the mistakes she made during that race were repeated during the Vancouver-Point Grey by-election. After all, when Ms. Clark left her job as a talk show host to take over British Columbia's governing party, fellow Liberals criticized her for being all sizzle and no steak - preferring to roll out gimmicky announcements rather than debate her opponents.

Those were some of the criticisms levelled against her by New Democrats during the by-election. And that suggests that even if Ms. Clark does think about the mistakes she's made during past political campaigns, she doesn't seem to learn much from them.


This all presumes she considers that approach to be a mistake.


a) Christy Clark had a policy platform in the last few days of the BCLib Leadership.

b) Premier Christy Clark, MLA (hereafter Premier CC, MLA) made serious announcements in Vancouver-Pt Grey and decided not to play in the policicization of civil liberties. But even Alise Mills was critical of Premier CC, MLA's lack of debate participation. Well, so am I. One debate on Public Eye Radio would have been totally awesome because Public Eye Radio is mainstream, professional and academic.

c) In all fairness, I noticed one of Christy Clark's biggest fans pretty much became Alise Mills' biggest promoter. That couldn't have helped things having all that airpower jump over the Lion's Gate because of a dearth of fresh material. I think Premier CC, MLA could use more media exposure and go on attack more often like she did yesterday starting at 15:21. But instead of vaguaries the "Barbarians in the Garden City" crowd would lap up, I'd have mentioned a few things about "The BCNDP". Like... The BCNDP just have no plan to grow the economic pie, just carve it up. The same BCNDP that loved high wake, high cost PacifiCats and hated the Carbon Tax. The same BCNDP that had a candidate in the Vancouver-Point Grey byelection who has never done anything to support law enforcement but co-authored a guide on suing them... sort-of like how tough-on-crime Mike Farnworth got tossed for Adrian Dix.

Had Premier CC, MLA brought "The BCNDP" I just mentioned all up in a debate it'd be a really hot seat one David Eby would have sat in on C-FAX one Sunday morning. Oh well. Change had better be coming not just to the HSTs, but civic engagement.

Postscript: I understand one of my, er, harassers now has a BCLib Green Man posting on his "gazette". I hope he or she will cease. But free advice: Take a swing at me instead of debate the issues and the BCLib Air Dominance Team is going to show up at your cyber doorstep.

Meglomaniacs do not learn from their mistakes. They just deflect criticism and carry on. Her ego will be prove to be the ultimate ruin of here party's fortunes going forward. Anyone that has used her son as nothing more than a prop for political gain, as she has, will never be able to convince voters that she has a families first agenda.

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