Hollyburn denies lobbying the government

Hollyburn Properties Ltd. has said it isn't lobbying the provincial government. On Wednesday, Public Eye reported two consultants - Michael and Carolyn Bailey - had registered to do so on behalf of the company. Their filings with the lobbyists registry stated they would be speaking to government about the "implications" of rental control and the harmonized sales tax. But, in an interview, Hollyburn communications director Peter Louwe said Mr. Bailey "jumped the gun on this," putting Hollyburn on the registry "under the guise of thinking that we were moving forward with something." Noting he only met with the lobbyist once, the company spokesperson added "the fact that action was taken kind of caught us by surprise." Mr. Bailey declined to comment on Mr. Louwe's statements.

The spokesperson also said the issue of rental control was "never on the table" for Hollyburn. But the company is "ready to speak to the world about HST and carbon tax" - issues the British Columbia Apartment Owners and Managers Association is lobbying the government about it.

Mr. Louwe said Hollyburn is supportive of those efforts.

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