Clark, er, reflects on her by-election victory

Premier Christy Clark won the Vancouver-Point Grey by-election by just 595 votes. But, questioned by members of the press gallery today as to what she would have done differently on the campaign trail, Ms. Clark simply said "a lot them are mechanics." Ms. Clark also tried to turn that near loss into a big win, noting her victory was the first time the government had won a by-election in 30 years. And she insisted she didn't go negative during the campaign, accusing New Democrats of "trying to scare people by lying" during the race. The above is complete footage of that news conference.


Frightening! Did Gordon Campbell die and get reincarnated in heels & full drag?

When "Perk Christy" calls an election it won't be in that riding. Maybe Hanson or some other Liberal slug will take the pension and leave.

I fully expect Premier Christy Clark, M-L-A to stick it out in Vancouver-Point Grey. Sadly some commentators don't know civility and can't congratulate a hero who's stood up to bullies, helped the gay community and oh BTW made a serious commitment to helping the poor.

At least the people of BC now have a Premier who is a great M-L-A who will debate her equal the leader of the opposition. Bring it on!

Her comments include some interesting statements. There is the inference that Vancouver Point Grey not being a "safe seat" like some others.It seemed to have been pretty safe when Gordon Campbell held it.Didn't he win by a lot more than 500 votes. There is also the once about being "crunched for time". Is this as in "Christy Crunch"?

If Clark really wanted to help the poor, she would take Harry Bloy off the welfare file. He is s dead loss and his continued appointment as Minister of Social Development proves she doesn't give a hoot about people who live in poverty.

Premier Clark was heard on the radio just 3 days after the VPG by-election talking about running in a different riding already, possibly Vancouver-Quilchena, in the provincial election. This is Colin Hansen's riding, so I guess he is done like dinner and relegated to the back corner until she needs his riding.

It is truly frightening that voters can't see this superficial opportunist for what she is. If she runs in a different riding in the prov. election that will be her 4th riding since 1996. I'd like to know whether eligible voters in any of those ridings thought she was a "great MLA." When someone jumps around like that there are usually some big problems.

Hansen's political career has been taken down by two premiers. Campbell over the HST and now Clark, who wants his riding because it might be easier for her to win, having little popularity, or connection to Vancouver at all. Hansen didn't deserve any of this, but the old adage stands up time and time again within the BC Liberal party - you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.

I think this is just blatant gossip by BC Liberals, er, Rock. It is very sad the lack of balance plus down & outright meanness down here towards good people who serve. I know we've had this conversation before but it is very frightening to see one side of the debate gang up on the other side like this and yet lose election after election.

That said: Premier Christy Clark, MLA kept the same riding in 2001 but redistricting changed it a bit. She had a nail-biter in 1996 but her vote grew greatly in 2001 to top of the BCLib pack. Perhaps because she has a real talent & calling for political service.

Once again, Josef, you don't know what you're talking about and _BC politics_ something you aren't even involved in, nor impacted by.

Clark's talent is opportunism, stunning self-interest and an ability to talk out of both sides of her mouth, telling whatever audience she's in front of what they want to hear so she will get what she wants.

Premier Christy Clark might change ridings after close call in byelection

BC Liberals... er, Rock. I think people are tired of the BCNDP cynicism being spewed around here. Some may grouse about my comments, but I grouse about the lack of balance in the comments. Unlike w/ Sean's work which is at least 99% accurate & balanced.

I find Premier Christy Clark to be talented in standing up to bullies and in getting things done. You may not like them, but she does get results.

At about 8 minutes of THIS is Premier Christy Clark, MLA's keynote. Most of what I heard out of Premier Christy Clark, MLA was a very partisalisen tone. Boy, when "ChristyClarkFan" puts the YouTube of Alise Mills up against Christy Clark you're going to find a heck of a song. It's true, too. BC became "have not" thanks to the BCNDP and the BCNDP play mean, partisan & divisive.

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