Former MP encouraged to run provincially

In the wake of Sukh Dhaliwal's recent defeat as the Liberal MP for Newton-North Delta, there's been talk he might run provincially for Christy Clark's governing party. So what does Mr. Dhaliwal have to say about that speculation? Well, speaking with Public Eye, the former parliamentarian said, "At this point, Sean, it's only been two weeks. And I'm trying to spend time with my family, time to clean up my offices in Ottawa and here and then I have to go back and thank all my supporters who have supported me over the last ten years of this journey I've had in political life. That's all that's on my mind right now. There's lots of people who have approached me - supporters. But right now I tell them the same thing. My first and foremost priority right now is basically to sit and think."


Every federal Liberal, MP or otherwise, used by Christy Clark means the departure of more BC Liberals for the up and coming BC Conservatives.

I doubt very much history would agree Advocate... Alise Mills is giving the coup de grace to the BC Conservatives & the BCNDP gave every BCLib a good scare of a shave last night. Really scraped some paint off of the HMCS Christy Clark... I think many got the proverbial memo: Either back Premier Clark, MLA or get the BCNDP.

"History" tells us that by-election results have no correlation with general election results. A BC Liberal apologist like Alise Mills giving a death blow to the BC Conservatives? You cannot be serious!

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