NDP MLA slams Bloy's estimates debate performance

Longtime provincial Liberal backbencher Harry Bloy appears to continue to struggle with his new responsibility as the public face of the ministry of social development. Mr. Bloy - the only MLA to support Christy Clark's successful bid to succeed Gordon Campell - was elevated to cabinet in March. But he stumbled through his first news conference as minister of social development, with the Times Colonist later noting the legislator "froze, flubbed and floundered his way" through his premiere question period. Nor was opposition MLA Jenny Kwan particular impressed with Mr. Bloy's answers about his ministry's budget yesterday afternoon.

"I asked, like, three or four questions. It's taken about half an hour there and I'm just going to ask the minister this question," a visibility frustrated Ms. Kwan declared. "I don't need him to consult with his staff and for them to write out an answer. I simply just need a yes or a no."

But that yes or no answer wasn't forthcoming, with Mr. Bloy once again reading from a note written out in longhand by his staff.


I may have fully supported the pick of Premier Christy Clark, but this has gone on long enough. Tomorrow morning, Harry Bloy is to be made Deputy Premier w/o Portfolio. Or Minister w/o Portfolio.

This has gone on long enough. We tried, Harry's certainly given his best but his best just can't go fast enough.

Sorry but once in a while I have to give my honest opinion. It's called integrity.

I'm certainly no fan of the Liberals or Mr. Bloy but perhaps the poor fellow should at least be given a little slack while he learns the ropes.

The reward for backing Clark when no one else would resulted in a fairly larger pay raise. so we get to laugh at his lousy performance but he gets to laugh all the way to the bank. I can't believe even Clark would be dumb enough to make his Deputy Premier, but heck Gordo made her Deputy Premier

"Sorry but once in a while I have to give my honest opinion"

Once in a while?

I always knew you were full it, Josef.

Avoter the idea behind that would be to reward Harry w/o giving him ministerial responsibility he can't handle. I mean, how long would a Canucks fan put up with his kind of performance if Bloy was a Canuck playah?

Josef, the guy is supposed to be a legislator not a fellow on skates. Watching him in question period again to day , one almost feels sorry for the guy . But not sorry enough to see him remain even as a token Minister of anything. He has been pathetic to say the least. He collects big bucks and hasn't got a clue as to just what he is supposed to do. Big Brother Coleman was doing his best to be loud enough for the mic to hear him prompting Mr. Bloy. A person with a shred of respect for himself , or the Legislature, or the people he is supposed to represent, and the Ministry,would seek an early retirement.

I'm just about there Avoter... my point was that as a fan of the BCLibs I've had about enough of this. He's overpaid for weak performance just as a professional athlete who can't find the net or catch a pass or get on base would not be tolerated for very long.

Some people just can't fly at the Speed of QP (TM)....

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