Scott appointed NDP leader's temporary chief of staff

Adrian Dix has yet to name a chief of staff. But Public Eye has learned he has temporarily appointed someone to do that job. Gerry Scott, who served as Mr. Dix's campaign manager during his successful bid for the provincial New Democrat leadership, will be filling that seat until a permanent occupant can be found.


Glad it's temporary. It's time for new blood--people with vision, resourcefulness, courage and compassion. Not that Gerry Scott didn't have those things, but we need change. We need to inspire, not stay the old course, tip-toeing around the yellow line in the middle of the road. Our union leaders who have been around for 30 years need to step down and pass the torch to younger, fiesty people who hopefully know what the hell is going on. There's no way there should be 2-tiered wages in any unionized jobsites! People have to be willing to fight for social and economic equality and justice, as well as environmental sustainability. We have to get back in balance with nature and with humanity. The rich are too rich. The poor are too poor. Meanshile, the environment we all share is tanking. If we don't fix it soon, Mother Nature will--with a vengeance.

Looks like you jumped the gun on the appointment, but most of your stuff does turn out to be correct.

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