Clark chief of staff's salary weighs in at $195,148

Christy Clark's chief of staff Mike McDonald is being paid about $10,000 more than Martyn Brown, who did the same job for Gordon Campbell for over nine years. According to records obtained by Public Eye, Mr. McDonald's annual paycheque will total $195,148.22. By comparison, Mr. Brown received $185,390.04 in his final days as chief of staff. Still, Mr. McDonald's salary is comparable to that of his immediate predecessor Paul Taylor. Hired by Mr. Campbell in October 2010, Mr. Taylor was to be paid $195,000. But he was dismissed by the incoming Clark administration five months later, being awarded a $113,995.00 severance package. The following is a complete copy of Mr. McDonald's employment contract, as well as those for principal secretary Dimitri Pantazopoulos, government communications and public engagement deputy minister Neil Sweeney and deputy minister to the premier John Dyble.

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Sean, good find. Considering you're a noticable fraction of FOI requests shouldn't be surprised. That said, and this is a prebuttal of sorts to some of the regulars, how much would a job like Chief of Staff to a CEO of a major corporation or nonprofit pay?


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