Golf industry to tee off on cosmetic pesticide ban

The province's golf industry will be raising its concerns about the possibility of a cosmetic pesticide ban in British Columbia when it meets with MLAs later this month. Last week, Premier Christy Clark announced she supported such a ban, telling reporters, "I promised that I wanted to pursue that if I became premier. We are going to do that." But, speaking with Public Eye, British Columbia Allied Golf Association chair Barrie McWha said, "We think the policies that are in place right now are good and sufficient."

So when the association holds its first lobby day at the provincial legislature on May 18, its members will be trying to find out more about Ms. Clark's proposed ban.

"Our hope is that at least government can consider this issue on the basis of scientific fact as opposed to emotional opinion."

Mr. McWha said association members will also be speaking with MLAs about the economic and health benefits of golf, demonstrate the Starting New at Golf program and increase awareness about aboriginal involvement with the sport.

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Barry McWha should read up on pesticides and get apprised on the situation regarding them. How can someone not know that pesticides are killing fish that all west coast ecoligical systems depend on? Sentience, people! Can't stay DUH forever!

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