Pearson named NDP leader's communications chief

Adrian Dix is beginning to put his mark on the opposition's senior staff. Public Eye has learned Tim Pearson has been named the New Democrat leader's communications director. Between 1993 and 1995, Mr. Pearson was a communications officer at the New Democrat government's BC 21 secretariat. The secretariat supported a committee that managed funding used to promote economic development and diversification. According to government phone directories, by 1999 he had become the executive director of economic development and finance at the cabinet policy and communications secretariat. He also led the writing team for the Nisga'a Treaty implementation project. More recently, he was described by The Globe and Mail's Justine Hunter as having been one of Mr. Dix's fellow students at the University of British Columbia and a roommate when the two were in Ottawa.


So what was the severance for the former comm director? Oh and are we going to see BCNDP grouse about THAT too?

If Josef wants to know the severance costs, if any, he should ask the Party President. Just say it's Christy far calling

There was a time when I looked forward to reading Public Eye and especially looked forward to reading educated comments. I don't see that anymore and can only suggest that Sean is losing an audience because of comments from the likes of Josef K & Christy Fan. It's sad but true. I'll stay away for a bit and if changes are made, I'll be back.

Guy in Victoria

Sure Avoter and give an eardrum to the BCNDP to break in the name of... Avoter. I'll pass.

Josef K, it wasn't the taxpayers that paid a severance, if there was one. It would have been the NDP party. Do some research or a bit of thinking before you try to grouse someone.

astro, Sara Goldvine - the former comm director - is listed in the BC Gov't Directory as a BC Gov't employee. Taxpayers pay for opposition staff.

Oh and the intolerance of GuyinVic is just mean. That will be all.

I'll endorse what "Guy in Victoria" has said about the annoying JosefK. I've been amazed by Sean's tolerance but mine ran out long ago. Enough already.

Of course the left is intolerant Sean. They bully you the way a few goons bullied Terry Mileski at a Conservative rally. So I wish they'd grow up or bug out back to their fringe.

Quite frankly also BC Mary, I've read your rag of a blog and you have no balance whatsoever so I rarely read. I wish you'd be balanced on the severance issue for instance instead of peddle dirt, smears & rumors about professional staffers.

Ditto Buck and BC Mary.

As there was a lot of time and effort spent on a recent thread here to demonstrate how Josef K's mask quickly drops when he is engaged in direct discussion where demonstrable falsehood's are given no quarter, the following will be my last comment on the matter...

"Uttering nonsense with utter conviction, non-stop, has nothing to do with party alliance or allegiance."


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