BCGEU support for the BC NDP on the rise

The union representing provincial civil servants has been ramping up its donations to the New Democratic Party of British Columbia. According to an analysis of those donations, the British Columbia Government and Service Employees' Union contributed $157,770.64 in the year immediately following the 2009 election. That made it the party's biggest union donor in 2010. By comparison, the BCGEU contributed just $10,945 in the year immediately following the 2005 election. In an interview, a spokesperson explained "the union officials who make the contribution wanted to increase some of the assistance to the party" - specifically in the areas of "membership outreach and growing the party." However, the spokesperson stressed the money wasn't specifically earmarked for those purposes. The following is a complete copy of our analysis.


For those that haven't looked at the numbers, here they are:

Annual GEU donations:

2005: $254.948.25
2006: $10,954
2007: $86,263
2008: $79,311.72
2009: $511,067.87
2010: $157,770.64

The comparison with 2006 is slightly misleading, even though it is the same year in the election cycle. It should be noted, at the very least, that in 2010 the party reached out to donors and asked for more money to cover the debt accrued in the 2009 election.

Thank you for this disclosure Sean. I betcha BCLib Airpower will use this the way Republicans in the US bash Democrats as bought by government unions.

Let's not forget that over 90 percent of the money the Liberals get in donations comes from business, and most get it back in overpriced contracts. I rather doubt the average worker in a company gets asked if its OK to drop bundles to the Liberals. Unions are democratic organizations , the Union Leaders are all democratically elected by the members, and money going to causes is approved by the membership. Union constitutions often forbid any money going to any political party . If a citizen belongs to a union, she or he has the right to support things they believe in.

Unions at last vote on giving donations. If the Executive takes these actions then they are held to account at conventions. That never happens when a buisness makes a donation to the liberals. Then it is just as Avoter says. People get exorcised by union donations but never see the problem with large corporate donations which all carry a quid pro quo. So I notice the ad on the left about corporate donations which don't vote but have much more influence in government policy that the voter. It is about time something changed.

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