Coleman reacts to UK concerns about tall wood-frames

Earlier, we reported there have been concerns in the United Kingdom about the vulnerability of tall wood-frame building construction sites to fire - sites similar to that burned down last night in Richmond. So what does British Columbia's housing minister Rich Coleman - who introduced building code changes to allow such buildings - have to say about those concerns? Well, here's his reaction when we caught up with him at the legislature today.


The PAB lady sure keeps close to Coleman to tape his words of wisdom. The firemen said earlier that their ladders don't go six stories. But Gordo wants, Gordo got and by goodness, the first one has burnt down so what's next? Ten stories?

It will be interesting to find out how much more people that choose to buy into such structures pay for their insurance compared to what they would pay buildings built with concrete. And, if one of these structures was built in an area where there was no firefighting equipment large enough to tend to a fire on the sixth floor, there is the possibility that insurance companies may choose to not offer any insurance at all.

Although that fire in Richmond yesterday happened in a structure that had no fire suppressants installed yet, the intensity of the fire wasn't exactly a reassuring sight.

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