Ex-premier's omission from invite list explained

Earlier, we reported Christy Clark invited British Columbia's former premiers to her first swearing-in ceremony. But, according to records obtained by Public Eye via a freedom of information request, one ex-first minister didn't make Ms. Clark's guest list: Rita Johnston. Nevertheless, in an interview with Public Eye, Ms. Johnston said the government did verbally invite her to the event.

"We spend the winters in California. We have a trailer down there. And my daughter looks after our house and comes and checks the phones and things like that. And she said there was a phone call from Victoria inviting me. It was on the answering machine. But she didn't bother telling me about it until after we were home and the event was finished."

"I wouldn't have come home for it anyhow," Ms. Johnston quipped. "But I have to tell you I wondered the same thing when I found out Bill Vander Zalm had been invited."

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