Clark policy chair runs to be BC Liberals policy chair

The policy chair for Christy Clark's successful provincial Liberal leadership bid is looking to do the same job for the party. Ted Dixon is running for that position at Liberals' upcoming biennial convention in Penticton, which takes place later this month. Mr. Dixon is the chief executive officer of INK Research Corp., which provides insider news and knowledge to financial investors. He also writes a weekly feature for The Globe and Mail. Mr. Dixon hasn't yet responded to a request for comment placed earlier today.


Sean, I'm very disappointed but honest when I say I'd be pleasantly surprised if anybody from Official Team Christy commented to you. Your support of a BCRail Inquiry is a real turn-off to them, plus the comments by some on these blogs really makes it worse. So Sean, sorry I'm not disappointed I'm disgusted. Those of us in the know realize that Public Eye Online is a great way to get past the corporate media filters of bias, time & resource constraints.

Off hot.

I can't believe I read that. Are you suggesting Josef that this site must be all sweetness and fuzzy to to Christy Clark or she won't comment to Sean? That begs the question, do we really need yet another government friendly site instead of one which focuses on the factual?

Hal, the call for a BC Rail inquiry is a real turn-off to Christy's people. Criticism of the BCLibs is one thing, but the BCRail disaster is a real prickly issue to the team. Best ignored. Move along to something that can be fixed like EIBI cuts. Furthermore the mean comments by Buck and several others I think it's safe to say don't help at all. Save them for TheTyee. I'm frustrated too...

Obviously, I prefer facts here. I repeat, "Those of us in the know realize that Public Eye Online is a great way to get past the corporate media filters of bias, time & resource constraints."

Regardless where Mr. K. resides physically, based on his two comments above, and a million others here, there and everywhere, it would appear that, when it comes to British Columbia politics at least, his mind is a fulltime resident of a Village called Potemkin.


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