Former MLA seeks BC Liberal vice-presidency

Earlier, we reported Premier Christy Clark's former provincial Liberal leadership campaign co-chair Sharon White is campaign to be the party's president. Now, Public Eye has learned former North Coast MLA Bill Belsey is running for to be vice-president. Speaking with Public Eye, Mr. Belsey said, "I think what's gone on in the past has been excellent and I want to continue to build on that," adding that he can bring a "rural perspective" to the party's executive meetings. Current vice-president Martin MacLachlan isn't seeking re-election at the Liberals' upcoming biennial meeting, which will take place in Penticton later this month.


Bill Belsey - Former North Coast MLA - is a great candidate for the position of VP of the BC Liberal Party. He will bring a wealth of experience, perspective and knowledge to the job. Good Luck Bill.

Bill Belsey is ideal for the position of VP.
Coming from the North Coast he will ensure that all regions of BC have their voices heard.

Bill did a great job as MLA. He knows how both the legislative and politcal processes work.

On top of that he's an all round good guy who is well respected.

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