Clark gov't pays out more than $2.4 million in severance

When Premier Christy Clark took power, the government paid more than $2.4 million in severance money to dismiss or replace senior bureaucrats and political staff who served under the previous Campbell administration, Public Eye has learned. The biggest severance payment - $549,776 - went to Allan Seckel who was replaced by John Dyble as the premier's deputy minister. But tourism, trade and investment deputy minister Martyn Brown also received a large payout - $416,191. Those amounts include Messrs. Dyble and Brown's performance pay. Meanwhile, children and family development deputy minister Lesley du Toit and public affairs bureau head Ron Norman received $337,413 and $323,917 in severance respectively. That amount that doesn't include their performance pay, which has yet to be determined. The following is a complete list of the aforementioned severance payments.


Umm,anywhere else in the world of commonsense the fact that you are FIRED negates your entitlement to "performance pay." Du Toit was fired within hours of the new Premier taking office (kudos to her), BECAUSE she did not perform adequately.

She deserves no bonus and the fact that she collected $2000 per month as a "living allowance" since 2006 is still an offensive act to the children, youth and families of BC who don't have food, or housing. The severance already paid out is adequate and taxpayers of BC should not have to pay anymore to say good riddance to someone who left BC's child welfare system in much worse shape than when she arrived and refused to listen to those who were trying to make it better.


1) This is the price of change. We'd still have this problem no matter what government. Congrats on getting the scoop :-).

2) Table respectfully doesn't include the price tag of Premier Campbell who has undeniably earned a transition payment or a nice pension. That's got to be a nice ka-ching.

3) One of the problems when we get into this debate is nobody will give an amount of what these positions are worth, but just complain. Let's remember the travel and public vitrol - especially to L.D. - that has happened to these people. Really dents their value.

After all, right now, the Seahawks Draft room is streaming in my ears and 20-somethings are about to make more in a year than any of these fine public servants. #bizzare methinks.

Here you go.

Aah the price of Change. I must ask, what change? There is $2.4 million less to spend on families or anything else. I know what has changed. A few people got a golden handshake courtesy of the BC Taxpayer.


A lot of staffers let go. Let's remember these are fine public servants who deserve some tribute for the hard work they do. Come back to me w/ a number please.

BC Liberals Rock;

A) I changed your handle to something more appropriate. You know I WON'T repeat that!

B) I would have fired that... waste of flesh & taxdollars called du Troit so fast your head would spin. Then I'd find a Deputy Minister who has passion, energy and commitment and troubleshooting tenacity.


For the price of the golden handshakes for CC's new era (oops... I mean the old era, but what is really new?) we could have hired 60 new nurses or teachers.


Mr. K. doesn't care about $2.4 million.


Because none of it is his.

The provincial tax money, I mean.

Is that not correct Josef?


It would be an interesting read to see how many senior bureaucrats left and how much severance was paid out by BC taxpayers to competent, knowledgeable public servants who "resigned" during people like LDT's reign in BC, or the others.

I don't disagree with Premier Clark's strategy. Sometimes a government needs to clean house to move forward. There is a great need to shed the old guard and start fresh in the BC Public Service.

Re: Costs to taxpayers - sometimes you have to go with short term pain to make long-term gains. Innovation costs but it's worth it.

What I am happy about is that no matter what - BC is moving into a new political phase and I'm very relieved about that, because we've lost a lot under Gordon Campbell's BC Liberals.

PS. Josef: I bet Skaggit is beautiful at this time of year.

Thanks Sean. You've just provided another 2.4 million reasons for the voters to shun anything attached to the BC Liberal Party's name come next election, and the sooner, the better.

RossK, the issue is not whether my taxes pay for this but how much are these people worth?

Thank you BC Liberals Rock for agreeing with me that a) they rock and b) Premier Clark is cleaning house. I'd keep Lara but I'm sure she wanted to leave the ratrace.

Off hot.

I think Christyfan is confused, as he thinks that his American taxes flow north, when in reality the Libs just send government contracts south.

There is a constant change in the people who are hired as political hacks as though the politicians are always looking for the perfect hack to fill the spaces at the trough. I have never found one political hack better than another. Their functions are all the same and what expertise do they have that warrants trying to perfect by replacing them. Each time they are replaced we pay them another rich severance. If they were no good and needed replacing dump them but pay them a bonus? It all sounds like a very expensive search for the elusive perfect political hack. They are a myth or maybe a parasitic organism.

The issue is whether my taxes pay for their severance!


You used the pronoun 'we' in your first comment at the top of this thread.

Now, given that 'we', the taxpayers of British Columbia, are paying out this money please answer the following direct question....

Do you live and pay taxes in British Columbia?


Aaaaaaaand silence from ChristyFan.

Because I had to run errands I didn't have time to deal with your rhetoric and misdirection and spin commentators like Fuck Futter and Ross Kdix.

But I am not the issue. I have friends who worked under the guys who were leaked, I visit once in a while and I really am NOT the issue.

No the issue is the value of the persons named. Period. When I debate NDP commentators they never, ever put a value because they can't debate or just quite frankly are selfish & mean to public servants.

Thank you.

So Josef--

It would appear that the mask has dropped in the face of a direct question.

And, yet, still there is no direct answer to that question.

Why is that, exactly?


Ross, I am NOT the issue. Focus on the issue of pay for public servants working overtime and having poor reptuation management.

There's your answer. Next question please... I'm bored.

Yikes, Ross, it appears you've awakened the cruder side of Josef K. Crude and evasive...

Josef, your ignorant comments make you the issue.

What is YOUR experience with the multitude of public servants that make up the government of British Columbia? Do you have any direct experience AT ALL on which to base your opinions?

I'm a career BC public servant. Something I used to be very proud of: I enjoyed discussing with others what I do for a living, and I felt like I was making a positive contribution to the betterment of the BC community. Sigh. Yes, USED to be's been very challenging decade. Now it's just depressing to be a BC public servant.

In my experience, you are mistaken if you believe that the people on Sean's list above are the public servants that work overtime. And ask any front-line public servant about the "value" of the people on that list, and they'll respond in a measurement of what those severance payments COULD have been: a year of 10 more full-time front-line workers (for Allan Seckel's severance alone!)so that we might actually get some work that we might actually BE a public SERVICE. THERE'S some value! But a pipe dream, it seems.

Ah, but I'm not sure why I offered these points...having read Josef's comments for quite some time, I am aware that he is not open to views outside of his own.

Lastly....yes, Josef, I have read your comments here, there, and everywhere on the web...please be aware that "vitrol" is not a word...look it up(use a dictionary, not a republican speaking points guide): you'll find the word you're looking for.

I would very much agree that you are most certainly not the issue Josef.

And neither am I.

However, 'we' British Columbians most certainly are.

And I think your repeated non-denial denial regarding the latter matter speaks volumes to those of us who have being paying attention.

And please do not forget that I have been paying very close attention since your 'Videogame' above the Valley days.


Maybe Christyfan is indeed working for the PAB, albeit as an American contractor, as he still can't answer a simple, direct question that only requires an honest answer.

No wonder why his idol is CC.

RossK: Yeah, that was a long time ago. And quite frankly a hoot.

Buck: If I worked for the PAB Sean Holman would have had the contract by now. Sean has received stuff from me that the BCLibs may or may not have wanted leaked.

A Real BCer, great comment. Have fun on the ranges.

Interesting deflector spin response Josef.

Given that you would not answer my previous direct question, perhaps you can tell Public Eye's readers how, precisely, getting together with the Langley online posse of the ideological stripe you are so fond of to make jokes and a game about bombing NDP supporters, even if tongue-in-cheek, was a 'hoot'?


Once again, cowardice and avoidance. Like clockwork, everytime he's called out on citizenship and the subsequent validity his posts, he chickens out.

Thanks for the comments from the inside Real BCer- keep your chin up as the winds of positive change are coming.

On the off chance Sean didn't get my last reply.

Ross, yeah I was behind that game. The hoot was taking out BCNDP signs and smears, not people. Sorry if anybody felt threatened.

Buck, calling me a coward is really bad taste. I've crossed party lines and gone maverick when necessary. You can fantasize all you want about a BCNDP government but when Premier Christy Clark is serving meals while Adrian Dix goes to rallies and has a negative reputation rating you've got problems not progress.

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