Dix tight-lipped about senior staff appointments

Yesterday, provincial New Democrat leader Adrian Dix announced the members of his shadow cabinet. But he was more reticent when reporters asked when he would be naming his key staff members. "As soon as we have that we'll let you know," Mr. Dix responded after being repeatedly pressed about the issue. The above is a complete recording of that news conference, in which Mr. Dix is also asked about his decision not to bring back rival leadership candidate Mike Farnworth as house leader.


After Dawn Black took pride in playing a part in crafting the mean Christy Crunch ad that has taken the dialogue down the tank, I really doubt she can be fair as a part-time speaker. I fully hope Premier Clark makes crystalline clear to her speaker team to NEVER give that gal the seat. NEVER.

After all, if I was Speaker it would be... "The Honourable Member from Langley"... "sure, the Member from Sannich"... "The Honourable Member from Langley"... "sure, Vancouver-Kingsway you can get a word in"... "The Honourable Member from Langley"! I think you get the picture, the Speaker must be fair and balanced.

Oh Josef that sounds so confrontational and juvenile from Christy. Do you ever really think about your comments. Do you think Barisoff when he campaigns in an election is not as partisan as anyone else?

As for Dix the point is that the media always wants to show that they have power over any leader, especially and NDP one. It is good to see that Adrian will push back at times. They won't do him any favors either way.

Hal, it just is inappropriate to be speaker and blatatantly partisan as I. The Speaker must maintain the rules of debate and be seen as fair. It's not fair to call somebody mean and give a meme to BCNDP grassroots w/in days of a Christy Clark Premiership. Totally spiteful.

After all, neither you nor me want me as speaker. It wouldn't be a good idea if the speaker was making YouTubes of a certain Honourable Member to the background music of "Nobody Does It Better".

Josef, any "professional" who is appointed to be speaker knows the job is different once you are sitting in the speaker's chair. Suspecting a person who owes their seat to a political party to not be able to conduct themselves impartially when in the speakers role, shows you don't know anything about past Speakers of the Legislature nor how they function in a Canadian democracy. Maybe take a break.

Okay Hal, we'll see what happens. Have a great evening.

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