Farnworth won't be serving on Dix's executive

Provincial New Democrat leader Adrian Dix has chosen not to appoint Mike Farnworth to the opposition caucus's executive. Mr. Farnworth has been a member of the executive since he was re-elected in 2005, only recently stepping aside to run for the party leadership against Mr. Dix. Mr. Farnworth came in second during that race, followed by John Horgan and Dana Larsen. But, despite that standing, only one of Mr. Farnworth's MLA endorsers - Doug Donaldson - is on Mr. Dix's new executive. Mr. Dix also chose not to re-appoint Mr. Farnworth as the opposition's house leader and shuffle him out of his long-time position as public safety and solicitor general critic. The following is a complete list of the New Democrat caucus executive.


This is just the beginning of Adrian's Antics...

Let's contrast. Premier Christy Clark realized as did many of her supporters including @ChristyClarkFan that @TeamKevinFalcon was a suffiicient BCNDP-busting team to bring in wholesale. She made Kevin Falcon Deputy Premier while Alise Mills is C-in-C of our airpower + likely BCLib Party President... and I think BCLibs are coming out ahead. Way ahead because our objective is to make sure the BCNDP doesn't become gov't (SOURCE).

This is versus Adrian Dix shutting out the moderates. Last Saturday, Alise Mills sortied on CKNW and called out Adrian Dix as, “Extremely polarizing and very divisive” plus he “Likes to pick winners and losers.” We're sure seeing that now. C-FAX 1010 Hours tomorrow is gonna get gooood!

I hope no one objects to me citing sources and providing balance. Thank you.

Christy's antics of appointing her only supporter to be a minister of a very sensitive portfolio hardly shows anything great in leadership. So Farnworth isn't on the Exec. but has a very significant critic role in Health. Hardly shutting out the moderates. This is just more trying to frame Dix as just right of Stalin. It is silly really.

Polak must be out of the job as expert of the month on Josef's list. Nice change of pace Josef.

Dix is leader he places people were he wishes to do so, and I'm pretty sure Mike Farnsworth will like the critic job that Dix covered so well. Steady hand on the throttle.

This is in reply to two okay comments:

Hal: It's only fair to MLA Harry Bloy to promote him. Give him a chance to prove himself, which by staying out of the headlines he is.

Avoter: Funny. Touche. Problem is, the Hon Mary Polak really doesn't need to be in the cut and thrust of PublicEyeOnline debate on anything but aboriginal affairs. Plus we have a new Airpower C-in-C.

Of course MLA Farnworth won't publicly complain but this is totally unfair... except to BCLibs. Just shows how Andrian Dix picks winners & losers, he's very polarizing. If Carole James was hypocritical and caught between a radical base versus swing voters, Andrian Dix is a firebrand for the base as a sharp left.

Every pro liberal supporter including most of the Victoria press wanted Farnworth. That fact alone made a lot of NDP members uneasy. The press never did the NDP any favours but only repeat what they hear from the Liberal spin machine. Farnworth has a key role as Health critic. Bloy is a no account promoted to a sensitive position. He has had chances to prove himself and has not been good enough to warrant a promotion.

You took a shot at Adrian, Josef, with the notion of shifting out the moderates. You imply and repeat the constant mischief about Dix being a hard line lefty.without out a shred of substance. Now you try to back peddle. It doesn't work.

Adrian is a bright, articulate lad. He can frame an answer to a complicated question so it is understood and he does not have to try and baffle the public with verbiage and bull. Unlike your leader.

Oh please Hal. We all know Adrian is a hard partisan and I kept my mouth shut on Farnworth since I didn't want him leading the BCNDP. Stop thinking all the press is anti-BCNDP... ever hear of the Tyee? The Georgia Straight? Some of the community newspapers? Of course, Public Eye Online is neutral as well.

Furthermore Hal this guy Dix wants to bring back the 1990s to BC. The same 1990s of PacifiCats, Forest Renewal BC and the capitalists seeking an exit strategy. Not good.

Josef, and you know that he wants to bring back the Pacificats, HOW? He's above all pragmatic. If it makes good sense he'll do it and a good common sense alternative to the Christy option sounds pretty good to most folks I meet.

Hal, it's the mindset that's my point. Off hot.

Josef, I don't care much about mindsets. I leave that for folks like you.

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