Clark's first premier's annual fundraising dinner booked

Christy Clark will be having her first premier's annual fundraising dinner on June 8, Public Eye has learned. In an email, Liberal communications and media relations director Lilian Kim reminds members the event is "potential fundraiser for ridings as they receive 50% of the net proceeds raised from any tickets they sell to new purchasers." As we earlier reported, the gross revenue for the premier's annual fundraising dinner has been declining in recent years - going from $617,154.00 in 2005 to $480,700 last year. Tickets to this year's dinner are $350.

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Not my idea of a good time. I'd prefer a hockey game of BCLibs versus the press... or a BCLib airshow.

Besides I want my region's Premier to get that legislature going, working and generating sorties. We need to define ourselves and Dix...

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