Conservatives won't run a candidate against Clark

Provincial Conservative leadership candidate John Cummins has already said he won't run against Premier Christy Clark in the Vancouver-Point Grey by-election. But Public Eye has learned Mr. Cummin's party also won't be fielding a candidate during that contest. Meanwhile, David Eby - who is on leave from his job as the executive director of the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association - has already been nominated as the New Democrat standard bearer in the riding.


It is probably a prudent idea. I doubt the BC Conservative Party is organized enough to contest an election in any riding at present. It would seem to me that if they want to be taken seriously on the provincial scene, they have to get their ducks in a row first.

Yes, it is prudent for the BC Conservatives to hold off on running a candidate. However, they do seem to be getting their policy "ducks in a row" starting with a policy that responds to the concerns of strata owners. See

The BC Conservative Party is nothing more, nothing less than an old boy's club wishing some attention. If they want to be serious, then find a chap - preferably with a nice scarf - to strap himself or herself into a pre-WWII seaplane and fly around Vancouver-Point Grey... do some aerobatics... and then land to claim candidacy while looking all dandy.

Yes, I'm being snarky. But I can't help it when the "Battle of Britain March" is playing in my ears...

No kidding being snarky -- why however I am unsure. Why on earth would the BC Conservatives want to waste time, energy, and money in a by-election that will end up for naught. Clark is going to call a general election in the Fall. Seem to me it makes more sense to work and plain for that.

Alan, you can't catch fish unless you're fishing. You can't win a game unles you play the game. This would help the BC Con brand and instead hurts it.

The conservatives won' run? It just proves that they are not much different than the Christy crowd.

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