Senior Abbott organizer to lead pro-HST forces

Byng Giraud will be managing the No side's campaign during the upcoming referendum on whether to scrap the harmonized sales tax, Public Eye has learned. Mr. Giraud is presently Imperial Metals Corp.'s corporate affairs vice-president. But he's best known inside the beltway for having been George Abbott's operations manager during the Shuswap MLA's recent bid to win the provincial Liberal leadership. He was also formerly one of British Columbia's two federal Conservative national councillors.


Beltway!! You must be watching too much US TV.

I agree, Beltway is not an appropriate word. "Hog trough" is much more appropriate.

I still think that the ballot question, as it has been drafted, will confuse many voters. Reading this article, one would think that the government was choosing the manager for the anti-HST side.

I also think that there will be a good number of voters, whose grasp of English is very limited, will either misunderstand the choices presented to them and vote in a way they did not intend to vote, or just sit it out altogether.

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