Dix providing Liberals with a chance to define him

Earlier, in an interview with The Vancouver Sun's Jonathan Fowlie, Adrian Dix outright rejected the need to let the public know what makes him tick. But that position could have serious political consequences for the provincial New Democrat leader. Mr. Dix did laudable work as the opposition's children and family development critic. Nevertheless, by being unwilling to define his personality publicly, he risks at worst becoming "the other" and at best providing the Liberals with an opportunity to define it for him.

In fairness, the governing party will likely try to do that regardless. But Mr. Dix won't have given himself a cushion for the blow - which will land hard as a result of the back-dated memo scandal that ended his career as Premier Glen Clark's chief of staff.

So if the New Democrat leader wants the public to think of him as a scheming, inscrutable, "dour Stalinist" who secretly wants to tear down the capitalist system he should, by all means, proceed with his present strategy of keeping the public and the press at arms length from who he is.


First the BC Liberals elected Christy Clark as leader and then the NDP elected Adrian Dix as leader. Now Adrian Dix is letting others define him. Things are looking better and better for the BC Conservatives.

What a load of baloney. If you haven't figured out who Adrian Dix is by now you need help with your comprehension skills. Adrian is quite simply a hard working, dedicated and determined politician trying to help those that need the help most. I don't think Mr. Dix is the kind of man that tolerates fools well. I can understand why it might annoy him to some degree.

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