Trade unions once again bet on a winner

British Columbia's labour movement once again bet on a winner. According to an analysis of donations over $250 made to the provincial New Democrats' leadership candidates, Adrian Dix received $24,500 from the trade unions - the most among his competitors. By comparison, John Horgan received $17,500 and Mike Farnworth received $11,000. In 2003, the labour movement also came out strongly in support of Carole James's winning bid to head the New Democrats, contributing $28,306 to her leadership campaign. That represented 49.97 percent of the donations to that campaign. The following is a complete copy of our aforementioned analysis.


NDP once again fully in bed with unions. Mike Harcourt said it right" When you go left you lose".

Any idea just how much money was directed to the BC Liberals by big business interests so they can mange the direction the Liberals will take? Lots I figure as it seems almost 90 percent of the Liberal donations come from business.

Unions represent the average worker so why would they not support the NDP, most of the time.

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