MacPhail praises Dix's promise to cancel bank tax cuts

"Adrian embraced, fulsomely, all of the work Carole James was doing in meeting and consulting with the business community, and I expect him to continue on that path, and would encourage him to continue on that path." That's what former interim provincial New Democrat leader Joy MacPhail told The Globe and Mail's Ian Bailey after announcing she was backing Adrian Dix's bid to succeed Ms. Dix. "He believes that small and medium-sized businesses should thrive and the tax breaks should be tilted towards them because they're the job creators, so I like that," she continued. But a month later, at the party's leadership assembly, Ms. MacPhail also praised Mr. Dix's commitment to cancel tax cuts to banks and large corporations. This, during her endorsement speech for the Vancouver-Kingsway MLA. Fancy that!

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