HST referendum will come down to fear versus hatred

Fear and hatred - those are the two forces that will decide the result of the upcoming referendum on the harmonized sales tax. On one hand, there's hatred of the tax, hatred for the way it was introduced and hatred for the punch it has packed to everyday British Columbians and businesses like restaurants and tourism operations.

On the other hand, there's fear of what will happen if the tax is scrapped - fear of the impact that could have on the economy, fear of the impact that could province's finances should we be required to give back the $1.6 billion in federal transition money which was paid out when British Columbia adopted the HST.

So which force will be the most powerful - Fight HST's hatred or the government's fear? I don't know. But we'll find out after June 24.

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Too bad Gordo never gave it much thought. He wanted the money so we got the tax. He lost his job and the HST will be gone. The big companies will lose the billion or so a year they gained when Gordo decided to stiff Joe Public.

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