Simons backs Horgan because he "loves" baby carrots

"He loves baby carrots." That's one of the 12 reasons former provincial New Democrat leadership candidate Nicholas Simons has given for backing John Horgan's bid to succeed Carole James. In an email sent to friends, Mr. Simons also states he's supporting Mr. Horgan because "people know where they stand with John," "he knows the challenges of rural and resource-based communities" and "he will respond logically to a good argument." The following is a complete copy of that email.

From: Nicholas Simons
Sent: April-12-11
Subject: Top Ten Reasons to Support John Horgan

Dear Friends:

Last week I decided that I would step away from the leadership race to support John Horgan. Thank you to so many of you for your notes and well-wishes.

The race was an exhilarating, rewarding and successful. My love, admiration and thanks goes to my all-volunteer team which consisted of moms with young families, retired folks, disenfranchised younger people, and a lot of grassroots encouragement.

The tour generated excitement. I got to meet wonderful people, and members met five fine candidates with passion and ideas that will serve our Party well.

I concluded that I would not be on the final ballot. I approached John on our final night in Terrace and told him that I thought he would make a very good leader, and that I would be supporting him.

Some people who don't know John, have asked for my reasons:

* People know where they stand with John.
* He knows the challenges of rural and resource-based communities.
* He will respond logically to a good argument.
* The "Energy File" is going to be hugely important, and John knows the file well.
John has got character and wit - he's smart and engaging.
* For John, history is his passion - and he learns from it.
* The energy and spark he brings to the Party will be a sign of rejuvenation.
* The Party and caucus will remain unified under John.
* He loves baby carrots.
* His message to big business: "Welcome to our magnificent Province. These are our labour laws - this is how we protect our environment, and this is what we will need in taxes for the public good."
* It won't take long for British Columbians to get to know John.
* John Horgan will appeal to British Columbians and will make a strong New Democrat Premier.
* He believes in public ownership of our common wealth.

As I traveled around the Province in the Volvo (the Socialists' Camaro) on the Snow-Tires Tour, meeting people and talking to them in hotel convention rooms and community halls, I never felt more enthusiastic about the Party and its future. After Sunday, I'm looking forward to that enthusiasm growing.

Nicholas Simons


Hey Holman..What next? Dix likes green tea and Farnworth has a hankering for Swanson`s hungry man dinners.

I guess there is no real news today....RIGHT! RIGHT..RIGHT!

hiding in canada;

Read the whole story. I am so sick of you and your commentary blasting Sean Holman... what next, you think Sean Holman would kiss Christy Clark?!? On the ankle?!?

I think you see my point through snark.

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