Eby's candidacy flies under polling firm's radar

Last week, according to 24 hours's columnist Bill Tieleman, a polling firm connected to the premier's chief of staff was gauging the level of support for Christy Clark in Vancouver-Point Grey - as well as possible New Democrat candidates Patti Bacchus and Mel Lehan. But the firm didn't ask how much backing there would be for the individual who may be most likely to carry the opposition banner in that riding - British Columbia Civil Liberties Association executive director David Eby. This, despite the fact The Vancouver Courier's Allen Garr reported on March 25 that Mr. Eby was "being seriously courted to seek the NDP nomination in Vancouver Point-Grey." For her own part, Ms. Bacchus told The Vancouver Sun's Jonathan Fowlie on March 7 she had serious reservation about running for that nomination, while Mr. Lehan recently ruled out stepping up to the starting line. Ms. Clark announced yesterday she would seek the Liberal nomination in Vancouver-Point Grey.


Patti has been very successful in leveraging her role as VSB chair to put long-standing education concerns on the political front-burner. After a series of mostly lame to disastrous postings, we also finally have an Education Minister across the table from her who seems to get the key issues, who has the diplomatic skills to engage those who need to engage to resolve key issues and who also has the clout/ backbone to lobby for solutions in Cabinet.

Since many key education concerns stem from poor policy decisions during Christy Clark's tenure as education minister, and since staunch Liberal supporters in Point Grey were among those most incensed by those mis-steps, I can see why many would either relish or worry about such a match-up.

It would be different if this were a general election but it would be a real waste for Patti to throw away the position she's in right now for what - a shot at being an Opposition backbencher?

It would be a mistake for David Eby to run for political office. It would make him appear partisan in any future role he may have with the BCCLA.

What Advocate said... becuz we will use this against him.

He should have said he'll run as an Independent and the BCNDP could magically not appoint a candidate. After all, the BCNDP are so dang defeatist... and some of them are just plain mean.

David Eby? Really? Has anyone forgotten his involvement with the anarchist-vandals only last year?

For more info see this Vancouver Courier story (reprinted in the Burnaby online edition): http://www.burnabynow.com/news/todays-paper/Civil+liberties+group+takes+...

The article says: "David Eby, the [BCCLA]'s executive director, did not send any orange T-shirt-clad observers to the protest because the Olympic Resistance Network asked him not to." The reporter then says "I had no idea the BCCLA took its marching orders from the ORN."

If elected would Eby continue to take direction/ suggestions from vandal-anarchists?

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