Desire for vengeance could hurt NDP at the polls

"Lady Macbeth" That's how some prominent New Democrats have recently described Vancouver-Mount Pleasant MLA Jenny Kwan - castigating her for publicly airing what had hitherto been widespread but private criticisms of party leader Carole James. Criticisms that at least some of the leader's loyalists shared. Criticisms that eventually resulted in Ms. James's resignation. So what does these name-callers want to see happen to Ms. Kwan?

Who knows? But if they want to see her punished after the race to succeed Ms. James is over, they should be aware that punishment could be meted out in full view of a public preparing to vote in a snap election. A public that might be perplexed about why New Democrats want to continue their party's infighting. A public that might see that punishment as being more about vengeance than it is about justice.

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