NDP reliance on trade union donations grows

The British Columbia New Democratic Party is increasingly reliant on trade union donations, despite an effort by former leader Carole James to distance the party from the labour movement. According to an analysis of Elections British Columbia filings, those contributions accounted for 1.95 and 3.22 percent of the party's total donations in the years immediately following the 2001 and 2005 elections. But, in the year immediately following the 2009 election, that share was 12.57 percent.

In an interview with Public Eye, Vancouver Island University political science professor Allan Warnke speculated the increase could represent a renewed recognition by the trade union movement that the NDP "is our party. And we had better shore up our support for the party."

This is just the most recent example of the connection that continues to exist between the New Democrats and the labour movement - despite a 2005 move to reduce union influence at party conventions. That connection has included providing the NDP with an earmarked donation to bankroll party president Moe Sihota's $75,600 stipend.

The following is a complete copy of our aforementioned analysis.


What are you up to Sean Holman...Hmmm..

Pimping for Adrian Dix?

Trying to dig up mud on Horgan and Farnworth.

Gawd, no wonder only that weirdo Joe K comments here.

Sad really

For the record John Horgan is in favour of wind power...

Horgan was not in favour of the BC Liberals giving $hundreds of millions to Finavera to find a contractor to build a turbine.

You suck Holman.


hiding in canada;

Sean Holman has rock-solid integrity and yes, he has... wait for it... disapproved of about 1/5th of my comments in recent months. I don't appreciate attacks on him, especially when the corporate media has somewhat ignored MCFD while he is literally parked in front of it in a Coyote.

I don't mind slings and arrows at me, rolls right off my big skin. But Sean Holman trying to fix an election? That's Beyond Stupid.

And just how much money did the BC Liberals get from some big companies that want and get favours.

Looking at this table one can see that the percentages fluctuate so much from year to year that any conclusions drawn up by anyone mean nothing.

Something that may be more telling about the mood of the electorate is the fact that the donations from sources other than unions was the third highest in 2010 for this 10 year period. Only the election years of 2005 and 2009 are higher.

Maybe a comparison of corporate donations to the BC Liberal Party and union donations to the BC NDP Party would be more informative for the average voter, considering that both of these groups expect to get some return on their investment.

Why is it wrong or for an organization that represents BC workers and their families to donate to a political party? Aren’t union workers entitled to a voice in this province? Union members are entitled to vote, corporations aren’t.


I'll tell one the problem with it. I belong to a union and my union contributes to the NDP. It irks me to no end that the union bosses are arbitrarily deciding to direct a portion of my dues go to fund the NDP. I have no say over what party these funds go to. That is not what I pay union dues for. If my union bosses feel it is so important that union members support the NDP they can either encourage union members to donate money to the NDP on their own or they can offer the option of a "surcharge" on our dues that would be used for this purpose.

You have the option of trying to get a motion passed that your dues are not used for political donations. That's how democracy works. I don't want my tax dollars spent on 270 million for hydro meters, almost 1 billion for a convention centre, 564 million for a retractable roof for BC place, for profit private hydro products that’ll cause our hydro rates to skyrocket, 1 million in wages for the BC Ferries boss,etc. but I only get a vote once every 4 years.

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