One-fifth of NDP funding came from estate gifts

The deceased were among the biggest contributors to the provincial New Democrats last year, according to the party's most recent financial report. That report shows estate donations totaled $724,552.98. That's more money than the entire labour movement gave the party - accounting for almost 20 percent of the party's total contributions.

A donation from the estate of Olive Fairbairn was also the single largest donation to the New Democrats in 2010, totalling $465,996.34. As such, it's no surprise leaked notes from an earlier executive meeting paraphrased party president Moe Sihota as saying that, without such gifts, the party would be "behind the eight ball."

And it explains why the New Democrats' provincial council voted in February to launch a campaign to ask supporters to write the party into their wills.

The following is a complete copy of the estate donations that have been made to the New Democrats between 2005 and 2010.

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By my math, where does the other 60% come from... one would hope individual donations and the like, but I doubt it.


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