Controversial NDP fundraiser netted $75,000

The British Columbia New Democratic Party courted controversy late last year by courting the business community for financial donations. But that courtship - which took the form of a swish fundraising dinner at the Fairmont Vancouver Hotel - earned the party more than $75,000 according to its most recent financial report.

Attendees at the $250 per ticket dinner included individuals representing Enbridge Inc.'s Northern Gateway pipeline, fish farms and independent run-of-the-river projects - all of which have been criticized by the New Democrats.

Privately, some party members were less than pleased about breaking bread with those representatives - stirring up further discontent against party leader Carole James, who resigned just over two months later.

The trade-off: according to Election British Columbia filings, the gross income for the so-called A Night in the City event was $126,260.00 with expenses totalling $50,380.00. That means the dinner netted the party $75,959.20 - accounting for just under two percent of the New Democrats' total contributions last year.

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What hypocrites the NDP are!

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