Kwan tagged with "Lady Macbeth" label

Despite all the talk about party unity during the present provincial New Democrat leadership race, there continues to be bad feelings as a result of the infighting which led to Carole James's decision resign. An example: in a blog post about MLA Jenny Kwan's decision to endorse Mike Farnworth, Ms. James's former chief of staff Ian Reid described the Vancouver-Mount Pleasant MLA as "Lady Macbeth." That's a shot at Ms. Kwan's position as a leading member of the Baker's Dozen. And former New Democrat deputy minister John Heaney, who has done legal work for the opposition caucus, appeared to take the same position in a Facebook comment posted below a photograph of Mr. Farnworth and Ms. Kwan. "He's not Macbeth, why's he hanging around with the Lady," he wrote.


Jenny Kwan has the same right to support any candidate she chose to support. She was one of two NDP MLA's who were the total opposition when Campbell first took over. She earned the right to her opinion as Joy has hers. Interesting to note that they support different candidates. It's called democracy. I too get to vote and chose to support the candidate that Joy supports. No matter who gets the job as leader party members will support that person Jenny's choice is my second choice and Joy's support of Adrian Dix is our families first choice. Drum roll, and the winner is???


So says the #1 Defender of the BCLibs around these parts...

This is why Her Christy is going to really, truly think about getting over her Red Team losing to the Blue Control Freak and just drop that writ!!!!

Well think about it. Kwan has been re-elected the same number of times as Christy. She was one of two who held the "fort" against Campbell and Christy back in 2002 and did a very good job. I think she has enough credentials and certainly more than someone who can't even vote in B.C. On ethics she also out classes Chrity Clark. We will soon see who the BC voter have more confidence in and all the bravado of a frequent prolific poster will come to naught. Avoter is right on.

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