Ex-whip continues whipping right-wing into line

Last week, Jay Hill criticized his former federal Conservative caucus colleague John Cummins for making a bid to become leader of the provincial Conservatives. "This is very foolish to launch or breathe new life into another conservative party rather than working with (Premier) Christy Clark as the bona fide new leader of the coalition, the Liberal Party," the ex-government whip told The Globe and Mail's Ian Bailey. But that criticism shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who was at the swearing-in ceremony for Ms. Clark and her cabinet. After all, Mr. Hill - who represented the riding of Prince George-Peace River and now lives in Calgary - was among the attendees. Indeed, when reporters there asked if he thought the new premier could hold the Liberal coalition together, Mr. Hill said, "I certainly hope so."


Does Hill even get the irony of a Reformer talking about splitting Liberal vote?

Jay Hill seems to have a history of opening his mouth without thinking. He has done it again!

Ditto to what BC Blue said --- unfortunately Stockwell Day doesn't see the irony in this either. I can'tr beleive that anyone coming from the roots of the Reform Party, and having had any association with Preston manning, could ever utter those words.

PS --- as John Cummins said regardfless, BC Conservatives are goiing to be the vote "attractors" in the next provincial election

Sounds like Jay Hill and Stockwell Day think that Christy is so far to the right to be acceptable to both of them. Proving again the the BC Liberal Party isn't liberal at all: it's Conservative/Reform.

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