Clark shows $250,000 of respect to taxpayers

Yesterday, as part of a new television advertising campaign, Premier Christy Clark said she cut the size of the province's executive council "to show respect for hard-working taxpayers like you." But how much money did Ms. Clark actually save as a result of reducing the number of cabinet ministers from 24 to 18? Well, if the executive council's structure hadn't changed, the total additional compensation paid to its members would have totalled $1,217,215.05 in this fiscal year. But that compensation will now total $957,474.60, for a savings of $259,740.45. However, those savings drop to $244,461.60 when you consider the Ms. Clark increased the number of parliamentarian secretaries from nine to 10 - each of whom receives an extra $15,278.85 on top of their basic MLA compensation.


So Clark saved $250K in cabinet costs. How much did she spend on TV ads to tell us how much money she is saving us? Wanna bet it's well north of $250K? Clark seems to think that British Columbians are stupid... well, we did elect the BC Liberals 3 times, so she may have a point.

But Sean you didn't calculate reduced staffing...

Christy Clark I do not see any change, the actual cabinet may be a little smaller, the premiers office behind the scene have increased and so have the sectaries which you do not need.

If Christy Clark is really concerned about families like she claims what is she going to do about the following:

Carbon Tax on July 1,2011 on gasoline (produced in Canada), parents do drive their children to school, recreation in the summertime

Translink rates!

BC Hydro rates, what will you do to make sure we have the lowest rates possible, smart meters are not going to do it

Now here is the kicker what are you going to do about the rising food prices in BC and Canada. Now lets back up and refresh your mind, ever since Canada went to the metric system just to appease the French in Quebec like we always do or for the last 100 years, Canadians have been screw on price, when the transition took place, the packages got way smaller but the price did not change, now in 2011 the packages are even getting smaller and the prices going up

Tell us Christy (the family) Clark what are you going to do.

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