Would Cummins run against Polak?

It's widely expected former federal parliamentarian John Cummins will announce tomorrow he's seeking the leadership of the provincial Conservatives. Assuming that bid is successful, the question then becomes what riding he'll run in during the next election. Mr. Cummins is best known in Delta - having represented the region federally for 18 years. But it's also worth noting he recently moved to Langley, a constituency presently held by Liberal MLA Mary Polak. Ms. Polak was recently appointing the Clark administration's new aboriginal relations and reconciliation minister.


I really look forward to that fight... money's on Polak. Polak has the boot strength and for air support enough IOUs to ca$h in on when the time comes.

Cummins could be running in Langley, and I'm speculating wildly, because he wants to roll the clock back on the Campbell era of aid to First Nations. Who knows, that's the point.

As a non Conservative or BC So Called Liberal, I'm quite convinced John Cummins has a much greater grasp on Indian Issues than Polak.His position papers on aboriginal Fisheries is good reading, and well researched. By the way Josef K. Gordon's era of aid to Indians started out with a referendum trying to stop the Nisga'a Treaty, and while in opposition tried very hard to derail anything to do with Indian issues in BC. We ran into his right hand man at certain meetings around Indian issues and there was certainly no support for anything related to Indians. After more than 75 main table negotiating meeting, and years on A regional Standing committee, I figure I do have a bit of an idea as to who was doing what. But Gordo is gone, and MS. Polak shouldn't be far behind him.

"money's on Polak"

That's the whole problem...corporate money on Polak. I like Cummins' promise to ban corporate and union donations to political campaigns. It's long overdue in B.C., and it will take a strong third party to bring it forward.

piker, I was just using a gambling expression.

I prefer that donations of any amount are allowed, as long as the candidate & party disclose w/in 72 hours on their website and to Elections BC. Campaign donations = free speech.

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