Early nomination date okayed for Surrey-Green Timbers

British Columbia's next general election is scheduled to be held two years, one month and 21 days from now. But Premier Christy Clark has been publicly musing about changing that date. It's against this backdrop that New Democrat MLA Sue Hammell's constituency association has received party approval to hold a meeting where members will nominate a candidate for the upcoming election. The date of that meeting: April 10. In an interview, party president Moe Sihota said Surrey-Green Timbers got the thumbs up because, "There's going to be an election in September. We'll be having nominations starting forthwith in ridings right across the province. Each riding will be dealt with differently. And we fully anticipate that there's going to be an election in September. The premier's indication is that she wants to go earlier. And we have to be prepared. So we're starting to mobilize our election activity."

But the approved date for the nomination meeting means New Democrats who were signed-up during the last week of the leadership race's membership drive will be disenfranchised. The reason: New Democrats need to be cardholders for at least 90 days to cast a ballot at that meeting. Mr. Sihota said that wasn't a concern for him, explaining, "I guess my mind doesn't function like yours."

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