Ten grand entrance fee for Conservative leadership race

The provincial Conservatives may not have any seats in the legislature. And, according to the latest Angus Reid Public Opinion survey, the party's support is sitting at four percent of decided voters. Nevertheless, the election of Christy Clark as Gordon Campbell's successor means the leadership of the Conservatives is a prize that could be worth winning. After all, 30 percent of respondents to an earlier Leger Marketing Inc. poll said they would "slightly" or "strongly" consider voting for the third party if Ms. Clark took over the governing Liberals. Indeed, the fee to enter the Conservative leadership race seems to have been priced accordingly, being set at $10,000. That money will be refunded to candidates who receive at least ten percent of the party's leadership votes. By comparison, the entrance fee for the New Democrat leadership race was $15,000.


When I see and who they are offering I probably give them a vote, just reading the prepared statement by Ida Chong on the The Georgia Strait is enough to make me Vote BC Conservative hell I may join Im a Reformer, Christy Clark made a big mistake keeping this woman in Cabinet, after a very high percentage dislike her in her riding!

These guys should rename their political party the FLAT EARTH PARTY.

Not Moe;

Applause for you. It's time they remembered hey, BCLibs have Mary Polak. Rich Coleman. Kevin Falcon. Jordan Bateman. Blair Lekstrom. And oh, oh, OH! we have Alise Mills!!!!!!!

This is what our Alise Mills said: "We do quickly step into line, join into 1 family and move forward. Our main objective is to make sure the NDP doesn't become government in this province, right. Sorry, Moe!"

Priceless. Timeless. Classic.

The 10K fee is not a fee to show the seriousness of the party it is the fee to prevent anyone from running. They want John Cummins to be acclaimed. They know full well no one else is going to pony up 10K to run for the leadership for a party that still is virtually not on the radar screen.

The BC Conservatives have been taken over by federal Cons that are BC Liberals. They will ensure it will not pick up legs and they will quietly manage the party in a way to make it look like they are doing a little something but not enough to threaten the BC Liberals "coalition". John Cummins and Randy White showed up on the BC Conservative scene only when the BC Conservatives starting picking up legs with Chris Delaney as Deputy Leader fighting the HST. Folks this is nothing more than a Machiavellian maneuver that was orchestrated to protect the HST, make sure Chris Delaney did not pick up the leadership of the BC Conservatives, and to hold the BC Conservative brand in case the BC Liberal coalition fell apart. Its that simple folks. Right out of the Doug Finley - Martin Brown playbook.

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