Leadership hopefuls asked to air dirty laundry

When the provincial New Democrats learned The Globe and Mail's Justine Hunter had obtained a copy of a 23-question disclosure form for potential leadership candidates, the party brass sent those hopefuls a "terse" email "complaining about the leak." By comparison, a similar form for potential provincial Conservative leadership candidates has been posted on the party's Website for all the world to see. Among the questions:

* "Are you presently under investigation for any criminal activity?";

* "Have you ever been convicted of a crime?";

* "Have you failed to file an income tax return or filed one that has or could lead to an investigation?"; and

"Is there anything in your past that might cause embarrassment to the British Columbia Conservative Party that would hinder your chances of becoming an MLA (Involvements or associations with questionable activities, Sexual indiscretions, Criminal involvement, Drug or alcohol abuse, Blog entires, Facebook entries, Etc).

The following is a complete copy.

BC Conservative Party 2011 leadership nomination booklet


The transparency is refreshing.

The regs are fair, the onus is on the candidate/applicant to disclose instead of hand over one's passwords. Based on "the honor system". I like that.

Of course, it's no secret the BC Conservative hope: Take over the right, BCLibs become party of the left of centre and the "professional left" BCNDP are... gone!

I like this idea, looks good, they should give this form to all the Liberals and NDP!

ok Josef, and the first time the conservatives spend a week of an election campaign trying to explain away something that one of thier candidates said on a blog post or tweet that they failed to disclose on the "honour system" can I say I told you so?

the NDP got hammered last federal election with stuff candidates did online, it took them off their message and wasted valuable campaign time. The media LOVE that kind of stuff. so much easier than engaging with the ideas being brought forward in the campaign. While I am not a huge fan of some of the way they have gone about their screening, if the party did not learn the lessons from those mistakes, I would be way more upset. In this day and age, unless the media agree to not make a front page story of what candidate X did ten years ago in a photo or said on a blog, this kind of scrutiny will be needed.. sadly.

oh, and you are dreaming if you think it is the NDP that the Cons hope to see "gone" they are launching sorties against Mary Polack and Christy, or however you would put it. the NDP have had a base of some 35% odd for the last 40-50 years and will continue to do so for the foreseable future. The right wing coalition in BC has gone through a number of iterations, the NDP has been a constant through that.

Not that the three larger parties should be guided by one that received 2.1% of the vote in 2009 and 0.55% in 2005.

Nor would I sign a document that said this:

11. Do you pledge to support all of the policies of the BC Conservative Party, including the policies that you personally disagree with and will you support those policies until you can persuade your fellow BC Conservative Party members to change them.

Andy, it's so good to hear from you. It really is :-). Thanks for opining.

But the BCNDP really, truly need to realize they make inane if not insane comments. In fact, there's now this whacky twitter feed out there: NDPsayWHAT that I find sufficient to keep BCNDP feet alight.

I kinda agree the hope the BCNDP will go the way of the typewriter is... a fantasy. Especially when the BCLibs had their ace pundit Alise Mills state clearly, "our main objective is to make sure that the NDP doesn't become government in this province". It's sure worked well for three and likely four elections now!

Ultimately, I was just stating what's out there, what the BC Conservative claim as their aim. I don't necessarily agree w/ it.

Yes, like the NDP could use all these comments from Josef "inane if not Insane" and keep the liberal's feet alight.

It seems to me, that since all but one of the BC NDP candidates is a MLA , so if there was dirt against any of them it would have surfaced years ago.A pretty clean living bunch all round

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