Top of Mind - March 21, 2011

What endemic challenges will the Clark administration face?

In the end, the Campbell administration ran aground as much on style as it did on substance. Introducing the harmonized sales tax without consulting British Columbians - or even his own political allies - was just the last in a long line of arrogant, heavy-handed decisions. It's too early to say whether the Clark administration will face similar problems. Nevertheless, it already appears to have stumbled when making some small-p political decisions. Removing Ron Norman as head of the public affairs bureau, excluding leadership rival Moira Stilwell from cabinet and giving the Restaurant and Food Services Association just two hours notice before announcing a minimum wage hike are three examples. And the manner by which Allan Seckel was replaced as the premier's deputy minister might be a fourth. That is, depending on what prompted him to write an unusual email advising bureaucrats he didn't want to leave government. But whether this is a pattern remains to be seen.

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It's a pattern. I've seen enough: she's an idiot, and is going to be a disaster as premier and BC Liberal leader.

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